Transforming the lives of cancer patients, one alteration at a time.

Mission – Vision – Values

Our Mission is to discover precise therapies and inspire hope for individuals affected by cancer.

We are driven by the urgency of our mission and guided by our core values of accountability, creativity, perseverance, longevity, exemplifying compassion, and a mind toward co-elevation.

What We Do

Accelerating the next wave of targeted therapies

Our structure-guided drug discovery approach enables the design of alteration-specific therapies to precisely target high-value, validated oncogenic drivers where patients have very few treatment options.

How We Do It

Structure-Guided Machine Learning Approach to Drug Discovery

We are leveraging the “Kraken”, our in-house structure guided computational chemistry platform, to build and advance our pipeline of precision, small molecule therapies that target a broad spectrum of validated oncogenic targets.

Our People Make the Difference!

We have come together as a Team; we COMMIT to our mission to DISCOVER life-changing therapies and INSPIRE hope for cancer patients. We believe that how we work together allows us to accomplish this goal in the best way possible. Everyone’s voice is heard. Challenge accepted. If you share our vision to transform the lives of cancer patients, come join us.

Voted one of San Diego Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2023