What We Do

Forging the next wave of targeted therapy

Alterome focuses our scientific endeavors on cancer targets that are evasive in nature, where patients have very little options for treatment.

Our Science

Discovering precise therapies that will transform the lives of cancer patients, one alteration at a time.

Alterome is devoted to fighting cancer for the long haul, inspiring hope for a lifetime, and extending the lives of patients.

The alterome, consisting of all the disease driving alterations in genes, remains largely undrugged. It has long been known that genetic alterations are oncogenic drivers. Several targeted therapies have provided benefit to patients. However, for many aggressive cancers, available treatments have debilitating side effects due to the off-target effects, limiting the ability to effectively deliver sufficient drug to maximize the benefit for the patients. Although technology and breakthroughs in drug development have created a new movement to control cancer through safer therapies, there remain too few treatment options for cancers with genomically-defined drivers. We aim to enable patients to remain on treatment for longer duration to eliminate their cancer and enable them to live better lives.

We are pursuing this next bar in targeted therapy with a combination of chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and genomics.

Challenge accepted.

Our team has a unique blend of computational and quantum chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and translational biology experience in drug development; and in the rapid application of next generation drug discovery technologies to difficult-to-drug oncogenic driver mechanisms. We are expanding our understanding of cancer biology to discover novel approaches to develop selective, alteration-specific small molecule therapies to attack difficult to treat cancers.

Predicting the future of
cancer therapy

At Alterome, we combine deep synthetic and medicinal chemistry expertise with rigorous, state-of-the-art, physics-based molecular simulations including quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, and free energy perturbation to generate the most promising drug molecules and potential development and clinical candidates.

Alterome’s in-house computational chemistry platform, “The Kraken”, is a high-performance, custom-built-for-purpose array of CPU- and GPU-based computing nodes for performing rigorous molecular simulations.

The Kraken provides precise, accurate, atomic-level insights into molecular interactions and enables ligand activity and binding mode predictions to empower our expert team of medicinal chemists to discover novel, exquisitely selective, alteration-specific therapies. Leveraging The Kraken, we have designed novel therapies for three high-value oncology targets.


Fundamental to Alterome’s scientific mission of delivering alteration-specific treatments is the careful selection of biological targets possessing well-validated driver mutations.


Our structure- and computation-driven design approach gives rise to drug molecules highly tailored for their respective biological targets.


Our world-class chemistry expertise enables the construction of the right molecules for the right drug-target interactions, irrespective of synthetic challenge.


Our target focused chemistry is assessed in a battery of well-designed in vitro and in vivo biological assays that provide guidance for synthetic refinement and target selectivity.


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Mission Brewery’s Dan Selis talks beer and survivorship and meeting Alterome CEO, Eric Murphy, who tells his story of patient-advocacy, researching in San Diego and building the companies that help cancer patients…including Alterome Therapeutics, Inc.


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